G2ESD 2024 Keynote Speakers(pending)


Prof. Alina Dychko

Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management, National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute" Ukraine




Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine


1) Prof. (Dr. Sc. of Economics) LILIANA HORAL

2) Professor at the Department of Finance Ivano-Frankivsk National  Technical University of Oil and Gas (IFNTUOG), Ivano-Frankivs - Ukraine

3) Research interests: circular economy, energy saving, energy consumption, economic efficiency of energy enterprises, sustainable development of territories and objects, pricing, innovative development, energy investment, gas transportation and gas consumption. Expert in the field of economic research of efficiency of oil and gas transport systems objects functioning, gas distribution networks, underground gas storages, subjects of business

Title: The Optimization of Ukraine’s Gas Transmission System Architecture for The Sake of Sustainable Development

Abstract:Today’s sustainable development of society is a priority development of mankind. It is based on balancing the mankind modern needs and protecting the interests of future generations. To balance the relationship between nature and humanity, it is necessary to ensure systematic coordination between the social, environmental and economic components, which is the main challenge in the management process.

A critical analysis of various concepts to define the notion of "sustainable development" and its definitive characteristics has led to the following conclusion: there is no uniform definition as this concept is currently expanding its scope as well as undergoing constant refinement and identification of additional characteristics.  In particular, it should be noted that the problem area in the context of the sustainable development concept is the fuel and energy complex in general. The study focuses on one of the parts of the oil and gas complex – its transport infrastructure. The state of the Ukrainian economy as a whole depends on its condition and use efficiency. In today's political and economic conditions, Ukraine is faced with the task of maintaining optimal performance of the main gas pipeline system, which is one of the most influential and complex in the world. The study has shown that the impact factors on production potential of gas transmission system (GTS) companies are differentiated into endogenous and exogenous. The influence direction of the selected factors has also been determined. In addition, the study has conducted the research on the GTS potential, identified its main characteristics, such as integrity, interconnection and interaction of elements, complexity, ability to develop, communication, hierarchy. The analysis of the GTS operating modes has carried out and their influence on the reliability of this system has been determined. The export potential optimization problem has been pointed out. It consists in finding such (optimal) volume of transported gas at which the maximum profit with the minimum expenses will be received. The mathematical model has been developed. It has been established that the use efficiency assessment of export potential is carried out according to the following algorithm and includes the following assessment elements: production potential: technical, technological innovation and investment; intellectual (personnel); marketing; synergetic assessment of the export potential of the gas transmission system on the basis of integrated assessments of the economic potential of the enterprise. Based on theoretical and practical research, a system for assessing the economic efficiency of pipeline transportation of natural gas has been built. The system is aimed at the architecture optimization of the Ukraine's gas transmission system and will allow to quickly influence and respond to negative changes in the production process, render adequate management decisions and ensure the GTS sustainable development.      

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